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As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "He who moves not forward, goes backward". Keeping his words in mind, we at MAEM are constantly working on ourselves to become better. Continuous development and numerous improvements resulting from everyday hard work make us believe that the products and services offered by MAEM fully meet your expectations. See below for the current news, we hope you will find them interesting.

ISO 9001 for MAEM!


Yet another success of our organisation! We are pleased to inform that our company has achieved ISO 9001 certification.

On 24 April 2017, DNV confirmed that MAEM complies with all strict requirements of ISO 9001, starting from the design and ending with the final manufacture of all its products.



MAEM has joined a select club of IMPA members. View the documents below for details.

ISO certification


MAEM has signed letters of intent with one of the leading certification bodies - DNV. ISO 9001 and 14001 certification coming soon!

MAEM Catalogue


View our new catalogue.

MAEM’s new production and logistics facility.

Proven quality, new environment.


Dear Customers,

In order to further expand our production and fully meet your sophisticated expectations, we have launched a new research and production centre in Zator Economic Zone in September 2016.

Our new research and production centre is situated 15 km from the first one, still located in Rajsko-Oświęcim. It is technologically advanced and features storage space of 4000 square meters. The new research and production centre will allow us to enhance production and also offer you completely new products and services satisfying your high quality expectations.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation which inspired us to create the new research and production centre in only two years.


MAEM team

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