Imo Pumps

SSI produces a full range of spares for Colfax IMO low pressure pumps for the following series of pumps:

  • ACD -25 series 1 through to series 6
  • ACE 025-038 series 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • ACP 025 – 070 series 1 through to series 8
  • ACG series 2 through to series 8
  • LPD Series
  • ACF

All IMO replacement parts are made to the exact standards as all parts made by SSI. Computer aided design and computer aided manufacture along with precision measuring equipment means that when you order an IMO replacement part from SSI you get the same quality and performance as you do from IMO original parts.

SSI are now producing their own triple screw low pressure pumps with or without magnetic drives which are designed to be fitted where old existing IMO pumps are without having to change any pipe work and will just bolt on to existing flanges.

If you are experiencing problems with old mechanically sealed leaking IMO pumps why not try the new range of Magnaline IOW pumps only available from SSI.