Help for Ukraine

For several days, our attention has been drawn to Ukraine and the war that is going on there right now. We are delighted to see you, our Clients and Suppliers, asking more and more how to contribute to helping the citizens of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom. We are touched by your willingness to get involved!

We therefore invite you to take part in a collection which we are organising to help our Neighbours, if only to a modest extent. Below you will find a list of needed supplies, prepared in collaboration with the Medical University of Ivano-Frankivsk, the Staff and Students of which are now bringing aid to the victims of fighting across the country.


The current needs are as follows:


- defibrillators

- thermal vision cameras

- first aid kits and equipment

- dressing materials (plasters, antiseptic gauze, bandages, elastic bandages)

- disposable diapers (for children and seniors)

- wet wipes for children and infants

- hygienic supplies (e.g. sanitary towels)

- tactical tourniquets

- stabilising splints

- needles, syringes, catheters (ideally yellow and green)

- hydrogen peroxide, disinfecting and vitamin ointments

- boric acid solutions (Borasol)

- activated carbon

- insulin strips

- emergency blankets (NRC foil)

- head torches

- water purification tablets

- SPF creams

- nutritional drinks

- freeze-dried meals


Shipments with a note "Help for Ukraine" can be sent to the address of our Production Facility, from where we will arrange for transport to Ukraine.  

MAEM Sp. z o.o.

ul. Władysława Grabskiego 21

32-640 Zator

Tel. 33 842 24 39


In addition, you can also support the Polish Humanitarian Action by making donations via the organisation's official website:


Thank you for your great heart! We believe we can do good together.