Welcome to the MAEM Webshop


Once you have access to our program, you get the opportunity to prepare your own sales offers.

This option provides you with the additional benefits which include:

- guarantee that the offer you have made will be verified and approved by your Advisor in maximum 30 minutes,
- exemption from operating costs (referred to as Packing and Handling costs) for each of the independently entered offers,
- full access to all offers we have worked on together.


If you place an order from your own hand-made offer:

- we guarantee that your order will be prepared first,
- you will receive a 25% discount on its transportation

All those interested in joining to our program are welcome to visit its website: https://webshop-maem.com.

If you have any questions concerning our new solution, please contact us at: grzegorz.fasuga@maem.com and info@maem.com


The rules of receiving the preferential conditions are described in Terms and Conditions